Equivesto is a premier private equity investment solution without the traditional barriers to entry. No longer does privilege, network, connections, or demographics play a role in how private businesses are being funded or high potential investment opportunities are accessed.

Our portal empowers you to take active control on parts of your investment portfolio and help drive the direction of innovation through your selections. We connect promising private businesses to the capital they need to grow and introduce curious investors to a whole new realm of opportunity. This enables change makers, thought leaders, innovators, and disruptors to collaborate with their community by offering a small portion of ownership for financial backing and advocacy.

Our technology helps innovators and believers better manage the private investment process and offers a trusted way for equity transactions to occur. We hope to reinvent how people perceive private equity and its role in personal and community value creation.


Starting with Ontario, Equivesto is working to democratize the investment landscape to benefit everyone. New equity rules represent an exciting chance for all qualifying residents to gain access to a previously closed off part of the private investment market. Our portal provides an opportunity for these individuals to work with their community and support local business. We strongly believe in the potential people have when given the means, support, and opportunity. Together, we work to create an environment where innovators are not limited by their resources, but only by their courage and imagination.

We’re on a mission to fuel innovation through Community

Our Team

The Equivesto team encompasses a diverse group of international industry experts that collectively believe in the value equity investment brings companies. From financial & business analysis, to Private Equity fund management, to compliance & regulatory expertise, to startup operations, to leadership of multination technology and innovation companies - our team has a deep understanding of everything and anything surrounding Equity Fundraising. Go ahead, ask us!




Ryan Correia

Managing Director



Alexander Morsink

Managing Director



Carlos Pinto Lobo

Chief Compliance Officer



Zulany Pacheco

Head of Marketing



Board of Advisors


Danielle Graham

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Mario Correia


Luce Veilleux


Jason Morsink


Humayun Kabir

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Rohan D'souza