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Equivesto provides a suite of capital raising tools, processes, and strategies to help our clients effectively win over the right equity investors. Often, before coming to us, customers experience first hand the struggles surrounding fundraising and the cost of simultaneously managing a fundraising campaign and growing their business. With the right approach & experience, fundraising doesn't need to be a chore, but a chance to bring partnership, awareness, backing, and momentum to your organization.

Analysis & Research

Our team of seasoned analysts take a 360 degree view of your company from an operational, financial, technological, and market opportunity standpoint. This knowledge helps develop an ideal approach for your funding campaign with close attention to value creation for your investors.

  • Business Analysis 

  • Financial Modelling 

  • Market Research 

  • Technology Assessment 

  • Gap Analysis 


Compliance & Due Diligence

Regulatory and securities law should be a careful consideration for all private fundraisers involved in accepting investor money. Get to know all the options available to you before jumping into a costly, time-consuming, funding round. 

  • Prospectus Exemptions 

  • Investor & Company Vetting 

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) 

  • Know Your Business (KYB) 

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) 

  • Reporting Requirements & Due Diligence 


Funding Strategy 

Whether you’ve run an investment round before or not, Equivesto simplifies the steps involved in preparing a company for equity funding. Utilizing technology and process automation we are able to achieve quicker, cheaper, and more accurate results - streamlining your road to funded and allowing you to focus on you core business.

  • Pre-Money/Post-Money Valuation 

  • Setting Term Sheets 

  • Marketing & Campaign Plan  

  • Story Telling & Branding 

  • Designing the ‘Perfect’ Pitch 


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