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Launching Spring 2019


Directly invest in exciting Canadian companies for as little as $100

Take your financial future into you own hands and invest in great local companies that are making positive change.


Community Support

Support positive change and great ideas in your community.


Invest Directly

Become a part of inspiring companies by investing directly in visions you believe in.


Mutual prosperity

Share in the companies success and return as an equity shareholder.



About Us

We love to see innovative companies get the capital they need to continue to do amazing things and we strongly believe that equity partnership is the most ideal fundraising option to getting there. Without the burden that debt servicing requires and with the advocacy that comes with equity backers, great companies can grow at a much more rapid pace and create mutual prosperity for their investors and themselves.


Our Service

From due diligence, to investor vetting, to term sheets, to running an equity round, Equivesto is your go to equity crowdfunding solution. We provide a digital way for companies to raise capital and investors to access high potential opportunities. We pride ourselves on being selective with the companies we work with and maximizing value for clients and investors alike.


our mission

"To Create Mutual Prosperity by connecting innovators with believers"