About Us

Equivesto is a funding consultancy for private companies looking to raise money through equity investment.  

Having been on both sides of fundraising, we understand the struggles investors and companies face when running a round. Capital & time constraints, security concerns, campaign awareness, investor protections, compliance & reporting requirements, term sheets, valuation, constructing the right pitch - all of this can be overwhelming. Equivesto can make sense of the chaos and provide clear strategic guidance to getting funded.

We work exclusively with SMEs whom we believe have disruptive potential and are limited by traditional funding means. Internally, we create vested interest and responsibility in all projects we take on and care for funding success like we would our own company.


Our Team

The Equivesto team encompasses a diverse group of international industry experts that collectively believe in the value equity investment brings companies. From financial & business analysis, to Private Equity fund management, to compliance & regulatory expertise, to startup operations, to leadership of multination technology and innovation companies - our team has a deep understanding of everything and anything surrounding Equity Fundraising. Go ahead, ask us!




Ryan Correia

Managing Director



Alexander Morsink

Managing Director



Carlos Pinto Lobo

Chief Compliance Officer



Board of Advisors


Mario Correia


Rohan D'souza


Humayun Kabir


Jason Morsink