Equity Crowdfunding

In pursuit of always improving what we can offer, Equivesto is growing its services to help connect our clients to investors. We have built a digital meeting ground for private companies looking to raise money and investors who believe in their potential. This portal will enable digital funding campaigns to take place and facilitate timely, low-cost, access to capital.

Investors on our portal will benefit from a curated list of active deals that they can review and invest in, hassle-free and with no pressure from us. For Issuers, Equivesto takes the work out of courting investors so companies can quickly raise important capital when they need it the most. Issuers can choose how to structure their offering, with control over the number of investors, who have access, minimum investment amount, share type, and much more.

All of our valued users benefit from Equivesto’s high quality risk protection, which includes detailed vetting of every company, officer, director, and investor on the portal. We are currently pursuing an Exempt Market Dealer registration with the Ontario Securities Commission and, by doing so, will comply with all their investors protection laws and regulations. Till then, we are building a rapport with prospective issuers and constantly refining our policies, procedures, and technology to better serve our clients. We encourage any and all enquiries during our discovery phase and hope to hear your thoughts on how we can improve our service.


Coming This Winter

Interested in becoming a Beta Issuer?